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Specializing in managing and overcoming the challenges of autoimmune and chronic conditions

Easing unnecessary suffering


I have been working with the challenges of Ankylosing Spondylitis, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and mental health for 35 plus years.  From a young age I have struggled with the effects of my conditions.  I know what it is like to be bedridden; the bedsheet too heavy, without the energy to even speak...having to wear a blindfold because ambient light too intense, earplugs because any noise above a whisper shatters, a light breeze hurts....feeling the fever in your bones that you think will explode, broken glass in every joint...the pain that works its way deeper inside than you knew existed in your body and lasts longer than you can conceive....seasick and dizzy for days, weeks , months...longer...grasping for hope through the blur that is your life passing without you.... often wishing it would just end.  The fear, the grief.
I've lost my body, I've lost my mind, I've lost relationships, I've lost years, I've lost life.  It has been my greatest challenge but also my greatest teacher.

Through it all, whenever my body has allowed, I have studied, researched, experimented and practiced just about every therapy or strategy both physical and spiritual that I could find.  All to improve, overcome and optimize my health.   Some of these include diet, fasting, medicinal herbs, supplements, fascial and trigger point release, functional alignment, pilates, Qi Gong, Ice baths, breathing techniques and meditation. Before my health deteriorated too far I had also been a national level athlete and, for fifteen years, a yoga teacher.  As such I have experience with a multitude of strategies and modalities to maximize the potential of body and mind.  I have used these and more to light a spark, to manage and to overcome.  Today I am a world away from being stuck in bed.  Today I am much stronger, more capable and resilient.  Today I am hopeful.  
Whether you are healthy and want to take yourself to another level of wellness and fitness, simply want to feel calmer or are struggling with a chronic condition let me help

For me this is about sharing what I have learned to provide you the tools, and together develop a  lifestyle that can carry you forward into greater health, wellness and happiness.  Perhaps it is simple advice, maybe a routine to find greater fitness or freedom of movement.  Maybe it is a complete integrated in home lifestyle makeover.  We can start small and build up step by step or establish a comprehensive plan from the outset.  You may choose one thing or all things.  Whatever feels best for you, beginning from the place your are at and evolving as needed.  I want to help you find your own way and give you what you need to continue with independence and agency over your own health all while also understanding the struggles you may face, and help you find the space to move through these challenges.  I still have bad days. I still have times of struggle...and with what I have learned, I have found a practice that makes it possible for me to keep going and flourish.

We can do this in person or via video chat,  over the phone, even email.  Working one on one I can provide diet guidelines, meal plans and shopping lists, meditations and breath work, movement or exercise routines, suggest helpful equipment and possible adjunct therapies, set up your home or your own medicinal garden, give support or just talk. For some clients I travel as well as come to their homes and provide guidance with shopping and set up - making it as easy as possible to get going on optimizing your health.

I am a specialist from experience.  Let me use that experience to help you find your way - streamline the process - save time, reduce overall costs and find the strategies that work for you.

Whatever your level of health, ability, or finances get in touch and let's see what we can do.




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British Columbia, Canada

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