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Medicinal Plants and Gardens

Medicinal garden set up/Herbal medicine

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Service Description

MEDICINAL GARDEN PLAN, SET UP AND GUIDANCE In person or distance learning. I help you create a medicinal garden, advising on site placement, plant selection. Tailoring it for your needs, location and climate. Learn practical ways to organically grow, care for and harvest your own plant medicine. Site set up, soil health - cover cropping, no till, composting, ideal harvest times and plant processing. PLANT MEDICINE MAKING In person or distance learning. I show you how to make your own basic plant medicines - teas, tinctures, oils. Whether you prefer in person step by step guidance or simple advice and resources to point you in the the right direction. Choose to grow your own plant pharmacy or simply get to know more about medicinal plants. Pricing depends on project size and time requirements. GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS.

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