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Ice Baths/Cold Dips

Cold water therapy

  • CA

Service Description

For some, especially those of who are extremely sensitive, cold water can be a tricky now. There was a time when even a cold breeze would send knives of pain through my body. In time, however, when my body was ready and with a slow and incremental steps I was able to work my way up to 20 min in ice water. that amount of time is by no means necessary, even 30sec to 1 min is even enough to see benefit. Normally I do 3 to 5 min at a time. Cold therapy promotes mitochondrial health(more energy and focus), strengthens and modulates the immune system, reduces inflammation, soothe sore muscles, improve circulation, even possibly help regulate blood pressure over time and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. I have also found it to improve resilience to both physical and mental stress, ease my nervous system and improve mood. In fact it was instrumental in helping me get through and overcome serious bouts of ongoing psychosis I experienced a number of years ago. Ice baths and cold dips and showers are a key component of my regimen to optimize health. GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS.

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