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Autoimmune Protocol (Aip) Diet Juicing And Intermittent Fasting

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AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL In person or distance learning. The Autoimmune Protocol diet is a great way to reduce inflammation in the body and help determine what foods you may be reactive or sensitive to. Let me help guide you through the ins and outs of AIP and ease you into a lifestyle that can greatly reduce inflammation, help you feel better, improve cognition, increase energy, manage weight and improve overall health. Including meal plans and recipes that I have found easy and tasty. JUICING IN person or distance learning. Juicing can be an effective way the get maximum nutrient delivery with minimal digestive energy. Learn the most effective ways to use juicing to increase nutrient density in your diet. FASTING/INTERMITTENT FASTING In person or distance learning. Fasting has been one of the most effective tools that I have used to improve my conditions. Dramatically improving my energy, inflammation and pain levels and cognition. Studies have shown it improves mitochondrial health and performance. Mitochondria are the "power house" of the cells. Greater mitochondrial health = greater energy. Studies have also indicated tremendous benefits for brain health - protecting brain cells, promoting the growth of new brain cells and new connections between them, increasing synaptic strength and increasing neurotransmitters are just some. Essentially this means improved cognition, energy, mood and sleep. All things I have found to be true. Let me help you find a fasting routine that works for you. GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS

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