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Body Works-Exercise Alignment Fascia

From simple movement to work outs and yoga to complete integrated training programs.

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Service Description

CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR NEEDS AND ABILITIES With my history - national level athlete, 15 yrs+ as a yoga teacher, years of time with rehab, functional alignment and fascial experts and years just working with a condition that creates disfunction in the body - I am able to provide body use and exercise routines to increase health and reduce pain no matter what level of ability or health. Drawing on years of experience with yoga, pilates, fascia and trigger point release, foundation training, weight training, functional alignment and a need to be constantly aware of how to hold and use my body I able to help you create routines or a program that is specific to you; customized to maximize your bodies abilities - movement, flexibility, strength and alignment. GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE AND BOOK APPOINTMENTS.

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