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Adj Therapy-Alkaline Electrolyzed Water


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Service Description

For me alkaline water has been a constant from long before I received my diagnoses. I attribute it to keeping me going as long as I did before I really began to institute all my other practices. It helps with the buffering system of the blood which in turn keeps our bodies at the ideal alkalinity for optimum health; counteracting the effects acidifying foods and toxins in our environment. Electrolyzed alkaline water is also very effective at cleansing the colon, dramatically improves hydration and is exceptionally antioxidant. All this means better immune system health, more energy and focus, decreased inflammation and improved cancer resistance. I find it even makes me more calm. I have had my water machine for almost twenty years now and drink the water pretty much everyday. I am a distributor of these machines that I know work for me, are dependable, robust and long-lasting. If you are interested in buying let me know. I refer to this as "adjunct therapy" because although it is something I think everyone should do, the equipment can be expensive. GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS.

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